Householder proposes Ohio Workers First Act

Householder proposes Ohio Workers First Act, which would close loophole that allows illegal aliens to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

“COLUMBUS – Reps. Larry Householder (R-Glenford) and Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) today introduced House Bill 380, to put Ohio Workers First.

The Ohio Workers First Act is common-sense legislation that will put Ohio jobs first and protect Ohio businesses. The legislation would close a loophole that allows illegal aliens to receive workers’ compensation benefits. By eliminating a benefit for illegal workers, the legislation protects Ohio jobs by protecting their benefits and encourages businesses to hire Ohioans or else be civilly liable for injuries to illegal workers.

Ohio’s workers’ compensation system would be prohibited from providing benefits to illegal aliens, under the legislation introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Householder said current law creates a perverse incentive for rogue businesses to hire lower cost unskilled labor provided by illegal aliens because illegal workers injured on the job are the financial responsibility of Ohio’s workers’ compensation system – not the responsibility of the business which broke the rules and hired them in the first place.

“We all agree that Ohio government should put Ohioans first,” Householder said. “That’s especially true when it comes to Ohio’s workers and jobs.”

Under House Bill 380, Ohio businesses who follow the rules and create jobs for Ohioans will no longer be responsible for funding workers compensation benefits for illegal aliens.

Seitz said the legislation puts Ohio in line with federal law.

“I happen to believe the rule of law matters,” Seitz said. “House Bill 380 makes clear that here in Ohio, we believe in the rule of law and we do not support illegal immigration.”

The plan in House Bill 380 was previously approved by the Ohio House as part of its version of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation budget, House Bill 27, but was removed in the Ohio Senate prior to adoption.”

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