Householder formally requests EPA to hold 2nd hearing on Buckeye Brine injection wells

COSHOCTON – State Representative Larry Householder is calling on the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to hold a second public hearing in Coshocton before making any decision on the reclassification of Buckeye Brine’s two proposed Class I injection wells near the community.

Householder, who attended Thursday evening’s public hearing on the issue at Coshocton High School, said in a letter to Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler that there are many valid questions and concerns being raised in the community which “absolutely warrant a second hearing on this matter.”

Representative Householder told Butler that among the significant concerns being raised are the potential dangers from a project that sits on one of the county’s busiest intersections and is located so close to the city’s water supply. 

Additionally, Householder wrote that “because this is the first time Ohio EPA has been asked to convert a Class II injection well to a Class I injection well, special attention is warranted to ensure the public’s safety and well-being is fully considered by the department”.

Moreover, Householder added, “while hundreds were in attendance at this hearing, there are many in the community who had scheduling conflicts which precluded them from attending. On an issue this significant, it is imperative that their voices are heard”.

“While I recognize that those interested in this issue may still submit written comments to your office through Oct. 26,” Householder wrote, “I believe the questions and concerns raised Thursday evening, coupled with the extensive public interest, more than qualify this matter for a second hearing.”

Representative Householder believes the OEPA will respond to his request prior to the October 26 deadline for comments. 


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